Summer Madness

It’s been a hell of a summer so far and it’s not even over yet. Through all this insanity I have been lucky enough to have friends and family both in my personal life and my MFC life to help me through. I feel lucky to be able to say that because not everyone can! I’ve had some questions about where I’m living, what I’m doing and what is coming up soon for me so I thought I would lay it all out for you guys to avoid repeating myself 😛

First off, I’m living with my mom currently. I LOVE living with her and she is 100% supportive of my job. Lucky me! My mailing address has not changed so if you have my address for sending gifts, feel free to keep using the same one because it won’t be changing anytime soon. Living with her means a hell of a commute to see my horse (boo on that shit) so a TON of my time is spent driving these days. That’s pretty hard for me but it’s worth it to not stress my horse out with a move at this point in time.

Second, it hasn’t exactly been an ideal year so far between losing Clancy and having to move (among many other personal things) but I’m feeling optimistic about the remainder of this year. I have a lot of fun stuff coming up so between horse shows, Exxxotica New Jersey, and a trip over Thanksgiving, I’ll be a happy (if somewhat busy) girl. I know during August my camming was very sporadic and I hated to not be able to get on cam but right now I’m happy I took the time to get myself together. That process isn’t completely finished as of yet but I’m making progress all the time.

The good news is that I am getting back into a routine on cam and I’m SO enjoying being back! I’m thrilled to have my members area up and running again and if you haven’t joined already, what are you waiting for!? You get access to not only my hot NEW content but also ALL of my old content! It’s only 299 tokens to sign up, or $25 giftrocket, so hurry hurry and tip! I love new members and I love hearing what YOU guys want to see on my site so please, make suggestions!


The long and the short of it is, it’s been a long ass year so far but things are looking up!

One of my favorite photos of Clancy and me 🙂IMG_8429

Also, since I promised a while ago… Read below to hear what exactly happened to Clancy. I’ve had some questions so I just wanted to clear everything up.





Clancy was diagnosed with hemangiosarcoma (blood cancer) back in April after he suddenly went from happy dog to so sick he almost couldn’t walk in about the course of an hour.  I took him to an emergency facility where it was determined that he had a tumor that had burst and he was bleeding internally. Emergency surgery was done and thousands of dollars later, he was feeling much better. I was warned that he had maybe 3 months to live, that this type of cancer would be spreading throughout his body no matter what we did. Chemo or radiation treatments might give him another month but there was no guarantee. I’m lucky to say that I got almost 3 whole months with him before one day he woke up looking sick again. I rushed him to the ER again and it was found that cancer had spread throughout his entire body. I made the decision to let him go rather than watch him slowly deteriorate. It was, hands down, the hardest and worst thing I’ve ever had to do. I miss him all day everyday and I feel pretty cheated that I lost him when he was only 10. I had some amazing years with him though and I will never forget his sweetness, kindness, and his beautiful personality that could warm even the coldest of hearts. So that’s what happened for those of you who have been curious. Talking about it is still terrible and I’m told it will get better over time but so far I haven’t felt any change. Xo to you all, I wish you could have met him in real life, I would have loved to share his love with my Emmaholics.


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