Stahhhhp w/ All Your Drama

Hi Internet Lovers!

New things are happening in my life and I thought I would update ya’ll on them! First off… I am not leaving camming. Coming straight from my mouth – I. Am. Not. Leaving. Camming. I did, however, get a new job that I will be doing in ADDITION to camming. I will be bartending one (possibly two) days a week. If you have heard me talk in my chat room, you know this is something I’ve been curious to explore for a while now so I am absolutely thrilled to have the chance to do it!

In other life news, I just realized that it’s only FIVE MONTHS until AVN! OMG! I know, I know, five months seems like a long time but time goes quickly and I cannot wait to get back to Vegas. I’m thinking this year I might even treat myself to a non crappy hotel room (oooh la la!). I like to plan ahead for these sort of things considering my (let’s face it) absolutely horrendous planning for AVN in previous years. Haha you know what I’m talking bout peeps 😛 Yes I WILL be doing a dinner/drinks/gambling thing again with my online friends so stayed tuned for details on that in the coming months.

You’re probably reading this wondering where the title of this post is going to come in… drama, what drama? I don’t want to single girls out by names but recently in both my camming life and my personal life I have been experiencing some yucky girl drama. Misunderstandings happened and apologies were given and mistakes were forgiven – so I thought. Consider this an open letter to all the ladies and gents out there who have drama with someone in their lives, whether it be with another camgirl or just with a friend…

Apologize. Try to look at it from their perspective. Acknowledge that mistakes were made. Now (this is the hard part), LET IT GO. Yup, let’s all get a little Frozen frenzied in here and just let it go. I don’t have the time for drama and I’m sure you don’t either. To all those who I personally have had drama with (ugh, hate to admit it but it’s true), I am officially letting it go. I hope you will too and then we can be happy again. Maybe not BFF but content existing together.

Love you all and I wish everyone a happy and drama free rest of their week!

xoxo emma

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