Feeling panicked yet?!?!?!? Just kidding! Relax.

For all of you waiting on Vegas content (yeah I know, I’m a slow poke), have no fear I will send *almost* all of it out today. Why *almost*? Well, if you were online with me last night you will know my lappy started to die while I was camming. As soon as I got offline I called a tech-savvy friend to come help. Long story short, lappy is now with my friend getting its data backed up and being sent off for repair.

So what does that mean for Vegas content? You will be getting everything right meow (go check your MFC mail) except the “extras” video which I will finish editing as soon as I get my backup copy of my lappy.

I won’t say pray for my lappy but send all your warm, fuzzy, healing thoughts to my lappy. If all goes well I should have it back in about a week. I’m already have separation anxiety.

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